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What is Red Teaming Exercise?

Red Teaming means no limit hacking and offers the most realistic attack simulations against your organization, designed to assess and significantly improve the effectiveness of your entire information security program.

Red teaming looks for all the unnoticeable gaps to get into your organization. It looks for back doors, less observed routes, unexpected entry points, open windows and any way of getting in that will not be spotted by you. This test provides you with real-world scenarios to help you identify and understand where your gaps are and advise how you can patch them up.



  • Scope

    This part defines the entire goals and objectives during the penetration testing exercise.

  • Reconnaissance and Intelligence Gathering

    This phase involves collecting information and data about the targets that are going to be hit by the Red Team.

  • Planning and Mapping the Cyber-attacks

    At this stage, the types of Cyber-Attacks that will be launched by the Red Team are mapped out, as well as how they will be executed.

  • Launching the Cyber-attacks

    At this point, the cyberattacks that have been mapped out are now launched towards their intended targets.

  • Documentation and Reporting

    This is considered to be the last phase of the methodology cycle, and it primarily consists of creating a final, and documented report to be given to the client at the end of the penetration testing exercise(s).

Benefits of Attack Simulation

  • Exposing a larger attack surface which usually includes many assets that have not been covered during ordinary penetration testing.
  • Finding out how your SOC team will respond against a real threat.
  • Finding out if your employees are aware enough against main security threats.
  • Identifying the misconfiguration of your security appliances as well as the endpoint security software.
  • Identifying and mitigating complex security vulnerabilities before an attacker exploits them.
  • Receiving fact-based risk analysis and recommendations for improvement.


  • Executive Summary

    Highlighting highly rated vulnerabilities and business risks, and our recommendations.

  • Technical Report

    Our findings and suggested recommendations for remediation and mitigation of the identified vulnerabilities.

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