Pen Testing

Stay one step ahead of hackers with comprehensive penetration testing that identifies vulnerabilities and security weaknesses in your applications.

Reverse Engineering

Our experts dissect your solution to identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities that could allow hackers to retrieve confidential data or to subvert the system for unauthorized use.

Bug Bounty Service

Bug bounty service has proven success in harnessing the global security community to locate critical vulnerabilities and fix them before attackers can exploit them.


No matter the size of your business, regular Penetration Testing benefits you:

Identify Risks

Uncovers the risk you are exposed to and its impacts.

Prevent Hackers

Detects vulnerabilities before hackers can exploit them.

Business Continuity

Insecure systems suffer more breaches in their availability.

Protect Clients

Show your clients that you take cybersecurity seriously.

We Breathe Cybersecurity


Certified Experts

Highly skilled certified team with at least 15 years of professional experience.

Customer Satisfaction

Real partnership with our clients to ensure they get the best Cybersecurity service.

Fixed Project Costs

Fixed, simple, straightforward pricing with no hidden agenda, or add-on fees.

Real-Time Updates

Direct line of communication, receive updates through a dedicated secure portal.

Cybersecurity Services

We are Protecting Your Business


Locating, defining, classifying and prioritizing vulnerabilities in your Solution and IT ecosystem.

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Web Application
Pen Testing

Simulated cyber-attack against your Web Application / API to check for exploitable vulnerabilities.

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Mobile Application
Pen Testing

Simulated cyber-attack against your Mobile Application to check for exploitable vulnerabilities.

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External Network
Pen Testing

Simulated cyber-attack against your Network and Servers to check for exploitable vulnerabilities.

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Reverse Engineering

Identify vulnerabilities in your Solution which could allow hackers to retrieve confidential data.

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Red Teaming

Test the security of your Solution against real-world attacks without real-world consequences.

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DDoS Stress

Stress testing for DDoS scenarios will give you suffiecient information in order to be on your guard.

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Buy Bounty

A continuous security testing to prevent cyber-attacks and pay bounties once a vulnerability is disclosed.

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HTD has a highly-skilled, qualified, and experienced team in discovering vulnerabilities and has a distinctive record of accomplishments and contributions in international conferences and is always up to date with the latest ethical hacking techniques, and are actively updating our methodologies to cope with new threats.

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